The Meaning of Show World

Show World is today's world as I see it, where people are fighting and hiding behind a fabricated & impersonal reality and when it should be interpersonal and assumed: this individualistic world where we think we know everything, where one rejects the other, where one is guided by power in all its forms, forgetting the basis, feelings.

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We are The Salvador Darlings

Hello Friends.

We are The Salvador Darlings, a musical duo from London, UK. It's pretty exciting that we have our own website (we're easily pleased). Songs are coming very soon, in fact our first song Show World should be ready within a week, it's being mixed at the moment.

We are Carine Fierobe (vocals and melody) and Bryan Borcherds (basically just hitting stuff and random notes and hoping it sounds good).

Thank you for visiting out page, and hope you'll return to be a part of our musical journey.

Carine & Bryan x