An interesting gig...

Last night we played at The White Hart in Southgate, London.  It proved to be quite an interesting night...

We arrived for soundcheck at 7pm, only to find no equipment whatsoever at the venue. No PA, no drums, no amps. Nothing. So, we decided to enjoy a drink with Memory Lake and LAAKE, both groups travelled from France on the day to play this gig. Eventually we managed to get the owner of the venue to arrange a small PA.

As we had some people who had come down to see us we decided to play a made up session, with guitar, vocals, and keyboards all going through the guitar amp, and just a snare drum. Fortunately we'd brought these bits ourselves.


After a few songs the PA arrived, so we finished our set so that Memory Lake could hit the stage. We got it set up (no sign of a sound engineer) and did the sound for them. They are a fantastic group and you should definitely check them out on Facebook.

Memory Lake

After them the awesome LAAKE came on, a one make music making machine.  He's definitely one to watch.

Laake music

All in all we had a fun night, we didn't get to play our full band set but improvising is always fun, and the other bands from France rocked the house.

Next time, hopefully the venue will provide some gear on time, but credit to them for being really helpful. And soon we'd love to hook up with Memory Lake and LAAKE and do a few dates in France with them too.

Looking forward to the next gigs now!