Studio and writing update

You know that we like to keep you up to date with what we’re up to, the progress of writing, recording, and performing. We have been pretty busy lately so there is a lot to tell.

Since the release of our first single, Show World, we have had wonderful reviews and interviews with us too. You can read these in our MEDIA section.

On Monday this week we had a great writing session for another new song, it’s got a good breakbeat / jazzy feel to it and we’ve already got vocal ideas. There might have been beer and cider involved during the writing session so maybe that helped the creativity…

Wednesday evening was spent in the studio with engineer, Hass, to record the vocals to our song named ‘Time’. It’s great to be in the studio with Hass, he makes the vocal recording sound perfect. There was also time to record a few harmonies and experiment with the song.

Carine being serious in the studio

Carine being serious in the studio

Time is a track that we have been working on for quite a while; it had something special about it but the vibe wasn’t quite there. Bryan took all the instrumentation out, left just the vocals, and rebuilt the track. The new version is very different to the original and we really like it.

We have also played three gigs across London, with acoustic guitar and vocals. You’re right, we’re not an acoustic band but it’s still fun to play the songs in a stripped back format. Plus we don’t have to carry loads of guitars, amps, drums, synths with us! There will be more gigs coming up too so check out our LIVE section for upcoming shows.

Bryan pretending he knows how to use all that equipment

Bryan pretending he knows how to use all that equipment

The new songs will be ready soon and we’ll be happy to share them with you, just drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter and perhaps we can share some exclusive preview material.

That’s it for now, back to the studio to finish off some more production.

Thank you for reading, Darlings

Carine & Bryan x