Chris Brown is a chauvinistic filth bag, and his new single, Ayo, has crossed the line. Here's why…

Today is March 8th, or International Women's Day to some. Recently, while driving, I heard a very catchy song on the radio, had no idea who it was by but enjoyed the song. The production is amazing, the vibe is great. It took another listen to take notice of the lyrics, and the sexism from Chris Brown in this song is disgusting.

It reminds me of the nasty kid in school who's always looking for trouble to get attention. Chris Brown is clearly enjoying the 'high life' very much, and is boasting about his holier-than-though attitude.

A lyric like “I'mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around, Fuck ‘em both like ayo” from his latest single, Ayo, gives the impression that women are lining up to spend time with him for seven seconds of love. Or even more to the point, “She said get inside of me I wanna feel you baby”.

Mr Brown himself has a 9 month old daughter (he is no longer with the mother) and also another daughter with another woman (not arsed to look this up on Google, better things to do with our time) so he’s not just pretending to be scum in his songs, this is the life he is actually living.

Here’s the problem though: kids look up to Chris Brown. He’s a star, he’s got money, the cars, the lifestyle, the women. Ask any horny sixteen year old boy if this appeals to them and the answer will most probably be yes. Why? Because the person who has the fame and who they look up to is telling them that “Rehabilitation just had me worried about fucking” and “I'm tryna fuck Coco, this don't concern Ice” (in reference to Ice-T’s wife Coco).

An album by Pantera best sums up Chris Brown’s situation: Vulgar Display of Power. Kids look up to him, they listen to him, so when he says it OK to do whatever you want to women, make them do things, expect them to do things, and degrade women in every possible manner these kids believe that it’s OK to do. It’s not just showing off, Chris, it’s very dangerous territory that you are stepping on.

Chris Brown is currently in trouble for violating probation, doing community service, doing his best to ‘keep his nose clean’. Great example you’re setting there, Chris.

Now, there will probably be Chris Brown fans who come back to us and say, “Hey, who the hell are you? Chris Brown has sold millions of albums, made a fortune, has everything going for him, he’s famous, we don’t care about you guys”. Our reply is this: we would love to have millions of bucks to go into the best studios in the world, work with some of the best producers of the moment, have a record label that spends a fortune on promotion, huge budgets for music videos. Basically wiping our ass. We will be lucky if we ever sell 0.01% of the number of songs that Mr Brown has sold. We’re overjoyed if 50 people come to one of our gigs, Chris Brown is probably cursing his management if he has to play a venue of less than 15 000 people. And we don’t care – because our music is honest and respectful and a reflection of our lives. Our lives, which are clearly very different to Chris Brown’s life.

We’d love to sit down and have a cup of tea with Chris Brown, I’m sure he’s a very reasonable chap when he’s not beating the shit out of his girlfriend, and it would be fascinating to meet the guy.

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