The Meaning of Show World

Show World is today's world as I see it, where people are fighting and hiding behind a fabricated & impersonal reality and when it should be interpersonal and assumed: this individualistic world where we think we know everything, where one rejects the other, where one is guided by power in all its forms, forgetting the basis, feelings.

Everyone carries his beautiful mask every day focusing on his daily, his person, without actually being aware of his surroundings. The decay of our environment is one example. Moreover, religion doesn’t reflect the values f peace and solidarity conferred and gradually gives way to a huge world army sect where everyone will eventually play a place in hell.

This song is simple but ambiguous. We can see its positive sides and hopefulness: pursue our dreams, our "sun"; but also its dark and cynical sides: using our ego to realize our ambitions and shine without worrying inflicted burns.

I'm talking about people who, just like me, don’t feel categorized by their look, and don’t want to be part of this world racketed, lonely and selfish but have no choice.

I speak of those who want to look at life differently, as a game, a final destination where the look relieves the “be” by it synthetism and it ease but never hurt the natural.

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